The NJEPA takes immense pride in celebrating excellence and dedication within the emergency preparedness profession through our prestigious Awards and Scholarships, a cherished tradition during our annual conference. As we come together to recognize the outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations that have steadfastly supported this noble cause over the years, we also lay the foundation for a promising future by guiding and nurturing aspiring emergency preparedness professionals.

Our Awards and Scholarships are more than just accolades; they serve as a beacon of inspiration for the entire emergency preparedness community. We acknowledge those whose unwavering commitment and innovative approaches have made a significant impact on the field, raising the bar and setting new benchmarks for the generations to come.

By honoring these exceptional individuals and groups, we not only recognize their accomplishments but also create a culture of mentorship and encouragement within our community. The experience, knowledge, and wisdom they impart to our newer members empower them to face the challenges that lie ahead, shaping the next generation of emergency preparedness leaders.

Explore the specifics of our Emergency Manager of the Year and Memorial Scholarship awards