23rd Annual New Jersey Emergency Preparedness Conference

The New Jersey Emergency Preparedness Association wishes to acknowledge the year round effort of the following people for developing the 2022 NJEPA conference!

Management Matthew Steinthal- ChairMatt Steinthal- Chair Pat Goelz- Co-chair Bill Stevenson- Past President  
  Ed Conover- Past Vice President Jeff EmmonsJJeff Emmons    
Operations Bill Stevenson- Chair Tom Sobin    
IT/Communications Wayne DeBiasio- Chair      
Volunteers Bob Haffner- Chair      
Logistics Stan Carr- Chair Dawn Freney- Co-chair    
Social Media Coordinator Michael Bradeis      
Registration Phyllis Worrell- Chair Maria O'Reilly- Co-chair    
Sponsors/Exhibitors Jeff Emmons- Chair Nany Harris- Co-Chair Colleen Ekey  
Scholarship Nick Massa- Chair Karen Koptic    
Special Events/Tuno Award Phyllis Worrell- Chair Andrew Sykes- Co-chair    
Training Michael Bradeis- Chair Ron Roberts- NJOEM Rep Michael Urbanski- NJOHSP Rep Brian Haines- NWS Rep
  Debbie Bell   Ken Bullwinkle- CEU Coor Dan Cunning- NJOEM
Breakouts Karen Fox Pawlak- Chair Phyllis Worrell Sarah Alley Joesph Geleta
Young Professionals Jamie Bodrog-Powell - Co-Chair Linda Hardy- Co-Chair Steve Pawlak Dan Cunning
  Gary Szatkowski      
Higher Education Michael Bradeis- Chair Andrew Sykes    
State Police Liaison        
Weather Service Liaison Brian Haines      
Association President Patricia MacFarland Goelz      
Association Vice President Matthew Steinthal      
Association Secretary        
Association Treasurer Gary Szatkowski      
Executive Director Louann Evans      
Graphic Designer Tara Factor