The annual conference would not be possible without the dedication and hard work conducted by our committees throughout the year.

Be sure to thank them when you see them at the conference!


Jeff Emmons, Chair
Matt Steinthal, Co-Chair
Mike Bradeis 
Maria O’Reilly 
Pat Goelz 
Bill Stevenson, Chair
Tom Sobin, Co-Chair
Mike Bradeis, Chair
Mike Divito, Co-Chair & EMS Rep 
Daniel Cunning, NJOEM Rep 
Michael Ma, NJOEM Rep 
Zach Raphael, NJ OHSP Rep  
Chris Petrillo, NJ OHSP Rep 
Nelson Weist, Fire Service Rep 
Rob Deal, NWS Rep 
NJSP Representatives
Sgt. Sarah Width-Sysol 
Lt. Greg Godish 
Karen Fox-Pawlak, Chair
Phyliss Worrell 
Holly Funkhouser Cucuzzella 
Monique Davis 
Joseph Geleta 
Jason Bhulai 
Special Events
Phyllis Worrell, Chair
Pat Goelz 
Jeff Emmons 
Matt Steinthal 
Karen Koptic 
Nick Massa 
Bob Haffner, Chair 
Jen Van Der Wende, Co-Chair 
On-Site Volunteer
Management: Bill Jenkins
Training: Tyler Correll 
Training: Jennie Bradeis 
Registration: Karen Koptic Registration: Debbie Ryen 
IT:  Mark Tonkery
Maria O'Reilly, Chair
Exhibit Hall
Colleen Ekey, Chair
 Alyssa Meredith, Co-Chair 
Josh Toner
Wayne DeBiasio, Chair
Bill Jenkins
Higher Education
Jamie Bodrog-Powell, Chair
Linda Hardy, Co-Chair 
April Sudol  
Edward Conover  
Kristen Carr  
Greg Godish  
Jeff Emmons