Emergency Manager of the Year Award

Kevin H. Tuno Emergency Manager of the Year Award

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 Deadline March 31st, 2018


The purpose of this award is for the New Jersey Emergency Preparedness Association to recognize and give honor to an individual or program, public or private, that embodies the values and leadership displayed by Emergency Coordinator Kevin H. Tuno during his Thirty-three years of service to the Emergency Management Community in New Jersey, including seventeen years as the Emergency Management Coordinator in Burlington County, NJ. The recipient will be an individual or program who, through their long-term commitment to emergency preparedness efforts, have clearly influenced the Emergency Management profession in New Jersey, in a positive and insightful manner.  This award is to be awarded on an annual basis at the New Jersey Emergency Preparedness Annual Conference.


Eligible Recipients

Any individual or overall program active in emergency management activities in New Jersey are eligible. This award is not restricted to government emergency managers. It is intended to recognize the successful leadership of public or private preparedness and emergency management individuals or programs that have demonstrated leadership, ingenuity and selflessness. Individual may be involved in public or private emergency management, preparedness, response or recovery efforts anywhere in the State.  This award is not limited to emergency management coordinators but is open to all who work in the field including planners, contractors, PIOs, first responders, etc.


Criteria for Award

This award recognizes and honors the individual or program who have demonstrated leadership, partnership, selflessness, and ingenuity in emergency preparedness programs in the State by investing time and talent to make positive change in our profession by:

  • Providing leadership that inspires other members to excel or make the impossible happen;
  • Developing and implementing new, highly effective and creative programs;
  • Engaging in collaborative efforts to further emergency management programs and activities;
  • Exhibiting dedication to the betterment of the emergency management field in the State of New Jersey as evident by substantially influencing emergency management efforts state-wide;
  • Helping individuals grow and achieve its goals and objectives as a mentor or leader of volunteers involved in emergency preparedness, response or recovery;
  • Working for positive long-term changes within our profession;
  • Applying innovative ideas and/or creative techniques that enhance local and regional emergency management programs;
  • Managing extraordinary response and recovery efforts to major disasters;
  • Demonstrating a significant impact on the emergency management field that sets him or herself apart through remarkable contributions in the professional arena and strong leadership within his/her community.

Selection Committee

Selection Committee shall be appointed by the NJEPA Board of Directors.

  • The Committee shall consist of no more than 3 members of the NJEPA Board of Directors.
  • The Committee shall be a standing committee of the NJEPA. Their sole mission will be to promote the award, solicit applications, select awardee and all logistics for award presentation at the NJEPA Annual Conference.

Selection Process

During the Selection Process, the EMAT Awards Committee will evaluate nominations based on the following information:

  • Award selections will be based solely on the information presented in the award nomination.
  • NJEPA will promote the award and its criteria. The Committee will develop and make available an application and questionnaire for nominators to complete in its entirety.
  • Nominations need to be clear, descriptive and provide specific examples that clearly demonstrate that the person/project/program meets the Selection Criteria.
  • All nomination must be made by or endorsed by a NJEPA Board member.
  • There may not be a self-nomination for this honor.
  • If the nomination meets the eligibility requirements, then does the nomination clearly meet/address the award criteria spelled out for the selected award in the Nomination Application? Are specific examples provided?